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Tips On How To Maintain Your Landscape

Landscape Maintenance, Columbia, NJ When you create a straightforward and easy-to-maintain landscape, you'll have much more opportunity to appreciate your outdoor area since you'll be doing less landscaping work. These easy landscape design guidelines will assist you in minimizing care while still producing a stunning environment that you will appreciate throughout the years. However, you should hire the services of reputed professionals like us at JB’S Landscaping if you find it challenging to maintain your landscape or yard.

The following are some useful tips for maintaining your landscape:

Follow The Right Mowing Technique

Never trim your lawn shorter than one-third of its total height during the summer. If you're unsure how to do that, use the highest setting on your mower. In addition to cooling the soil, longer grass promotes deep root growth and relieves soil strain. As a result, the grass is more vulnerable to heat and dryness if you cut it too short. Additionally, cutting grass too short stimulates grass seeds to develop more quickly, increasing the lawn's water consumption and requiring additional mowing. After mowing, maintaining a healthy lawn requires leaving the grass clippings on the ground. During summertime, sharpen the lawnmower blades once per month.


Adding a tiny layer of compost or natural fertilizer to the soil is a great way to boost its health. It greatly improves the soil texture and enhances root mass and surface area by reducing thatch formation on lawns. Suppose conditions are too damp, "top dress" your yard and vegetation areas. Fertilizing in the spring is an excellent idea since most plants start growing more vigorously around this time of year. The good news is that most of our desert plants have evolved to thrive in nutrient-poor soils. Thus, they don't need additional fertilizer. Remember that nitrogen promotes growth, which raises the amount of water required. For native plants, you may want to consider forgoing the use of fertilizer entirely. Non-native plants, on the other hand, may need additional nutrients to thrive in local soils. Use product label guidelines and fertilize only established plants if that's the case.


Pruning too heavily should be avoided. Pruning encourages plant growth, which necessitates additional watering. Prune all plants and shrubs during the winter before the onset of dry and hot summers. When pruning, don't remove more than a quarter of the tree at one time. Many tree limbs grow low towards the ground. The tree is effectively shading itself, which makes sense when you stop to consider it. The trunk and roots are well-protected by low-hanging branches. As a result, moisture in the soil will last longer, and litter will fall and remain in place, acting as a natural fertilizer for the plant.

As a result, avoiding over-pruning before summertime is even more critical. Reduce the height of trees and shrubs to allow the plant to shade themselves. Pruning correctly can be made easier with the help of high-quality tools and the advice of a professional.

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