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How To Maintain Plants & Gardens

Plants & Garden Maintenance, Columbia, NJ An unhealthy garden needs more time and work to get healthy again, and it's best to carry out regular maintenance than deal with restoring dying or deteriorating plants. JB'S Landscaping is a full-service landscaping business serving commercial and residential clients in the area. Our specialists have compiled some advice on keeping your plantings and garden elements in top shape.

Garden Care Starts at The Ground Level

Soon after planting, mulch the garden bed. You should mulch your garden beds with wood chips, straw, or pine straw to a depth of two inches. In warm-weather vegetable gardens, plastic mulch is necessary; these products help keep the soil wet and weed-free.

Water Your Plants and Flowerbeds Regularly

Professional landscapers will tell you to water your garden frequently and in the correct quantities for different species. About 1 inch of water per week from irrigation/rain is needed for most plants and certain flowers. To maintain a healthy garden, you should check the soil's moisture at least twice a week and water most of your plants when the topsoil dries up.

Keep The Flowers and Leaves Dry

When watering the garden, avoid getting water on the leaves and blossoms of plants. Foliar illnesses, such as fungal issues, are more likely to develop on wet leaves. Always water from the plant root zone rather than the top, and never wet the leaves.

Keep Your Garden Weed-Free

You should weed flowerbeds once a week or anytime you see weed seedlings emerging through the mulch. If you pull weeds as soon as you notice them, you can keep them from taking over your garden and becoming a breeding ground for pests and diseases.

Add Fertilizers as Required

Fertilize plants according to the needs of each plant species but hold off if they are already experiencing stress from dryness. Fertilizer can seriously damage plants if it touches their leaves or roots, so keep a safe distance of at least 6 inches. You should dilute the nutrients in fertilizer by watering the soil afterward.

Remove Spent Flowers

To improve the overall aesthetic of your garden and to promote new flower growth, it is recommended that you "deadhead" your flowering plants once a week. To encourage continued growth, harvest ripe veggies often. Prune your plants according to the specific needs of each species.

Watch Out for Diseases and Pests

Examine plants once a week for signs of disease or pests. Use insecticidal soap to get rid of aphids or a fungicide to eliminate fungal infections as soon as possible. Destroy dangerous plants before they can infect healthy ones.

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