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Water Features

Water Features Water Features Water Features Water Features Water Features

“What I really enjoyed was the water features. I really appreciate the sound of the water flowing and the effect around the dining area to give us that island type look, being surrounded by water. The sound of the water isn’t too obtrusive or overwhelming, but it definitely takes away some of the road noise, which is a nice added feature.” R.C. (Blairstown, NJ) owner of award winning backyard

Water Features The relaxing affect of running water is something that people travel great distances to experience. Imagine yourself hiking on the Appalachian on a warm summer day and you come across a lonely stream off the beaten path. Away from other hikers and the noise of quippy banter, you sit down, fill up your water bottle, and as you brace yourself to stand up and trek on, something grabs your attention.

It's not the fresh mountain air or the stunning beauty of nature. It's the entrancing affect of running water. You are suddenly lost in its contradictory power. So subtle it's barely audible, but at this moment it overcomes the noise of everyday life...

You snap back to reality and open your eyes and find you were never hiking in the mountain. You were in your backyard the whole time...

Water Features JB's Landscaping Water Features:

  • Koi and Decorative Ponds
  • Streams
  • Pond-less Waterfalls
  • Color Falls
  • Fountains
  • Custom Fountains

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