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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Retaining Walls Retaining Walls Retaining Walls Retaining Walls Retaining Walls Retaining Walls Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a protective element to hold back soil from a building or structure. Retaining walls are specially-engineered to support backfill after any area is excavated to make space for outdoor features in a landscaped area. Natural stone, concrete units, as well as bricks could be used in retaining wall construction. These walls are very different from standard garden walls as their primary purpose is to improve the integrity and stability of the landscaping. However, practicality and beauty are not mutually exclusive. Aside from these functional purposes, retaining walls can be an attractive addition to your yard. Decorative retaining walls will not only protect from erosion, but it can be visually stunning as well.

Retaining Walls, Landing NJ Whether it is eliminating the eyesore of dirt piles and hills or preventing damage to property and surrounding structures, decorative retaining walls are the solution. These near vertical structures provide grade changes that add depth and character to your property. Walls signify strength, stability, and permanence. When we handle retaining wall installation, our hardworking team assesses the available space and determines precisely where to build these features. We use high-quality materials in retaining wall construction, and we guarantee that they will improve the appeal and stability of your landscape.

These distinctive grade changes in a landscape add property value as it creates the appearance of a larger yard. And nothing is more distinguishing than a retaining wall. Their balance of beauty and practicality make them a very popular element in any landscape project.

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