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Hardscape Restoration

Every hardscape restoration project is unique to the project itself. Depending on what your existing project requires we take the necessary steps to bring your hardscape elements back to life. JB’s landscaping not only restores paver hardscapes, but concrete patios & slabs, brick, and even natural stone! Based upon a site visit JB’s Landscaping will recommend any or all of the following restorative processes to ensure your home’s hardscape elements are brought back to life.

Correct Uneven Pavers

Our hardscape crew lifts out sunken sections of pavers and installs new base aggregate as needed. This is done to correct pavers which have heaved over time and ensure they will sit flat for years to come.

Replace or Install Edge Restraints

Edge restraints are used to keep your hardscape element in place. These restraints prevent your pavers from shifting vertically, horizontally, and rotating. Without adequate edge restraints your pavers will continue to shift year after year.

Clean Pavers

A power washer is used to remove old polymeric sand, weeds, organic materials, and years of grime from your pavers without damaging their face. Once power washed, a cleaning solution is applied to provide a deeper cleaning of the paver.

Install Polymeric Sand to Joints

Once pavers are sufficiently cleaned, new polymeric sand is swept into the joints of the pavers and cured with water to solidify your patio and/or walkway. Polymeric sand contains adhesive polymers that bind once dry ensuring your pavers lock together. In addition to solidifying your hardscape, polymeric sand is your best defense against weeds growing through paver joints.

Apply Sealant

Finally, a sealant is applied to the face of the pavers to prevent against future deterioration and accumulation of dirt. A correctly applied sealant is the final step in restoring your family’s hardscape!

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Hardscape Restoration
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Hardscape Restoration
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Hardscape Restoration
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Hardscape Restoration
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Hardscape Restoration
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Hardscape Restoration
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Hardscape Restoration
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Hardscape Restoration
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